It’s the first day of July 2018.

A few months before the 2018 will leave us all. I landed yet another new opportunity. This time around, it’s in an oil and gas company.

Granted, it’s a contract position which will last for seven months — until 31 January 2019. After that, we’ll, it’s an unknown future, yet again, for me.

I don’t know what the future holds at this new organization, nor that I know if I could survive being there. But, it’ll be the road not taken of mine, if I didn’t give this a try.

Hence, tomorrow will be my first day being there. You’d think that after having so many jobs under my belt, that it’d get easier. And I’d be able to just go there, and demonstrate my skills. But, butterflies are still fluttering in my stomach as I don’t know what really to expect.

I did give myself some pep talk though. To not overthink it. And that everything will go swimmingly. After all, this is a choice that I have made, two months back. So perhaps, it will be different. But I’m gonna make the best out of it.

And for what it’s worth, looking back at the past one year, I can proudly say to myself that “Hey. I’ve done construction before. Even more, it is a national project and God knows it ain’t easy. But at least I’ve done it.”

So yeah. This is me, going into the unknown. But a voice deep inside me, still whispers, that I’d do great. The fact that I landed the opportunity itself show it right? And hey, even if it doesn’t work out, I can always look back and say, “I’ve entered yet another field — oil and gas”.

So here’s wishing the best, to me, and to us all. May the rest of 2018 will be a time to remember with countless blessing and successes ahead. 👌🏻


Change is always scary.

To venture into the unknown. To leave all those that you’ve come to know. To take a leap of faiths and hope that everything will turn out alright.

Perhaps, the best is yet to come. With such changes, well, maybe by then, we’d be able to move forward. To live the life that we’ve always wanted. To really living. Living and not caring about others. Their expectations. Their standard ways of defining success.

Perhaps it’s good to turn a new leaf. Grass is not always greener on the other side. But, hey, at least the other side is where you’ll be. Rather than just wondering, and never take that leap of faith.

So here’s to all of us who’s willing to take that steps to accept the changes and just be okay with what it’ll bring.


Goodbye, ‘17

It’s the last moments of 2017 and in a short while, the new year will come. As always, there’d be New Year’s resolutions being made, wishes being shared, hopes and dreams being highlighted . . . All these, and reflections on what the past 365 days had bring upon to all of us. As for me, well, this year had marked quite an achievement for myself.


I started the year working as an executive where, well, despite the stability, I don’t see myself growing as much with the company. And now, well, I can pretty much say that I’m climbing that corporate ladder – I’ve been appointed and started working as a Senior Executive at a construction company. It’s a stressful job, one where I’d always complained about. However, I know, if I just push myself harder, I can realize my full potentials.


Despite having to go for a regular checkup every now and then, I’m glad that I can still be able to wake up everyday, breathing and thankful for this healthy body. I even become highly engrossed in running — as it’s really the only sport that I know I get a hang of — so much so that starting November, I’ve joined by very first Half Marathon. The same month also marks the second Half Marathon I joined. God knows I felt like quitting, but I pushed my limits and eventually end the runs.

So yeah, despite the time recorded, I’ve actually been really proud of myself. At least I can cross that out of my list.

Mid 2017 also noted that that my cholesterol level had slightly increased. However, when I last went to the doctor’s appointment, that’s no longer the case.


God knows I’m one of the free-spirit people who’d just take things one step at a time, and just go with the flows — despite whatever life throws at me. And, yeah, my new job came with new responsibility and expectations from others, sleepless nights and longer commuting period — to name a few. But it also can game with it good pays.

So, let this post be a reminder for myself, to start saving even more for rainy days in times to come. I’ve also been able to purchase a house, sometimes in mid 2017.

Now the process is taking what seems like a million years, however, I’m glad I took the steps. And I’m glad my mother was there to help me out.


Of course, I’ve been single my whole life and I’m totally fine with it. I don’t doubt that seeing people together, every now and then, I do have the feelings that I’d want the same thing for myself. However, I guess my time hasn’t come just yet. Till then, I’m happy to say that I’m keeping a few good friends close, keeping in contacts with my former colleagues, as well as strengthening the ties with my mother and relatives — this year, stronger than ever.

December also marked the time where, as it’s always are, people got married. This time, a close friend of mine did, and it eventually allowed my former Diploma classmates and I, a chance to catch up and made amends.

So yeah, having said all these, I’ve definitely think that this year, although it started pretty bleak, it ended pretty well. I just wish the momentum will stay and I’d be able to just savor what life has to offer, and to always be thankful for everything that I have at the moment — all in the same time.

Now, for 2018 resolutions, as per last year, and even years before that, I do not necessarily have one. But if I do have to list it, for the sake of me going through it and as a tracker, here’s a few ideas:

1. Once a month, to join a Half Marathon/ a Running event of some sort. Beginning tomorrow, where I’ll be joining KL New Year Run 2018.

2. To keep a healthy body. To do that, I’ve to at least spend 30 minutes, every three days (at least) for some sort of physical fitness activities.

3. To just be myself, despite what others would think of me, and to not let work get the best of me. I’m not getting any younger. Hence, this is a much needed thing for me to do.

4. To go traveling, at least two times in 2018. One in the first half of the year, and another in the second half. Locations? Well, anywhere but KL.

5. To expedite the process of getting the house – mortgage, loan processing and what’s not. The earlier I could stay by myself at a place I can call my own, the better I’d feel about it.

I guess, as of right now, these are all I could think about. Perhaps I’d be able to achieve some of it, perhaps none of it, but, at least I’ve what people usually call, goals/ aims in life.

Well, here’s to a great year ahead. May all the blessings and happiness will be granted to us. And may we’d become a much better and positive person than the year before. ☺️👌🏻

Eternal Goodbyes

Some goodbyes really are forever.

Each day, towards the end of our interaction with others, we’d be bidding our goodbyes.  Whether it is to our dear colleagues upon leaving the office, our partners after a wonderful (or not so wonderful dates), friends whom we meet up for coffee sessions, some shop assistants when we go to buy groceries or home appliances, children we read and say goodnight to, and various other interactions. (more…)

Ramadhan 1437H

Ramadhan Kareem to all.

May this year’s Ramadhan will bring with it lots of blessings, good things and His pleasures. May we will all strive to become a good person throughout this month and in the months to come.

May this Ramadhan will also become our turning grounds to be better. InsyaAllah.  (more…)


In life, from time to time, you’ll come across crossroads. Choices which you’ve to make. One road, separate into two. Or three. Or more. And you have no idea what each road will take you to.

And most often than not, out of these choices, it’s always easier to make the easy decision. To select one you know the outcomes. However, do you really? How much would we know the depth of our choices. What is presented in front of us, after all, may be a different things altogether. (more…)